A Guide to Exploring Smithtown After the Move

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Here is a guide to exploring Smithtown after the Move! More and more people are deciding to move to the suburbs. Is this surprising? Living in these quieter parts of the city has many unique advantages that can’t be enjoyed anywhere else. The suburbs are the perfect balance between rural and urban life. Smithtown is definitely a neighborhood for you if you are looking for balance. Speaking of balance, you do not want to lose your mind when organizing your move. Hiring professional movers NYC will definitely help you keep the balance and it will make the process of moving as smooth as possible.

The advantage of moving to Smithtown

Living in the suburbs may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but there are a lot of benefits to living in the suburbs. We have gathered 4 main reasons why people choose to live in the suburbs.

Exploring Smithtown after the move
Living in the suburbs has its advantages

Cost of living

Many people move to the suburbs to save larger sums of money. No matter where you live, you want a place that fits your budget. The cost of living in the city is very high, and you have to spend a lot of money on daily living. So do not waste time and pack your bags. Another way to avoid wasting your time is to hire Long Island movers to move you safely and soundly into your new phase of life.

More space

In the city, everything is much more compact. This is especially true for housing. The closer you get to the city, the smaller the living space becomes. In the suburbs, on the other hand, buildings and properties are much more spread out because there is more land. So, when you decide to get away from all that busy crowd, contact movers in Smithtown NY for the safe and quick service

The beautiful nature

If you are a nature lover, the suburbs are definitely the right choice for you. In the city, you are lucky to see more than a few trees and bushes. In the suburbs, on the other hand, nature is thriving. There are always beautiful mountains, rivers, lakes, forests and parks in the suburbs. Here you will find vast green and open spaces that will give you a breath of fresh air. So, when you decide to leave the big city and  move from New York to Smithtown check NYC moving services for seamless moving process.

Busy New York streets
When things gets busy in the city, find peace in the suburbs


City dwellers want to move to the suburbs because they have a sense of community there. In the city, it’s incredibly difficult to make friends with the people around you. In the suburbs, you benefit from a quality social life. You can form close relationships with your neighbors and build your own interpersonal community. Having good friends and neighbors is not only fun at Thanksgiving dinner, but it is a very important aspect of feeling safe and at home. For peace of mind, especially when it comes to your home, we can guarantee you the service of residential movers in NYC.

Exploring Smithtown After the Move

Smithtown, NY, is located on the north shore of Long Island. Smithtown is considered an affluent town, but is also affordable for young families and young professionals. It is only 55 miles from New York City, and people commute daily. Since the city is only 30 minutes away from the Atlantic Ocean, it is not surprising that Smithtown is famous for its beaches: Short Beach, Long Beach, Kings Park Bluff and Callahan’s Beach. It’s also home to more than 20 beautiful parks and one of Long Island’s best schools! The city has also worked hard to revitalize its downtown to include more restaurants, entertainment options, and nightlife to entice younger generations to move in.

Residental moving truck
Hiring a good moving company is half of the work

Here is the list of places worth of exploring in Smithtown

Although Smithtown has a lot to offer, we still picked out something that makes it special. People talk about these places for a reason, so we heard them.

Caleb Smith State Park Preserve

Caleb Smith Park is definitely a hidden gem. It offers a number of nature trails, some hills if you want to do a little climbing, and diverse wildlife. The nature trails are very useful and you get a sense of tranquility in this park. For fishing enthusiasts, there is a fly fishing school and the activities look fantastic. In September and October, Caleb Smith Park and the surrounding areas are the perfect place to create beautiful family memories. In the fall, when pumpkin picking is all the rage, this is a great place to visit. The museum is very old, with creaky floors and lots of woodwork. The park closes early and there is a small fee for parking. Definitely great for the whole family.

Smithtown Center for the Performing Arts

Center for performing arts brings excellent professional entertainment to Long Island. You don’t have to go all the way to Manhattan for a good show. It offers various genres such as theater, comedy, opera, and special events. Currently and through the end of January 2023, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is on the schedule and you don’t want to miss it!

Smithtown library

The simplest definition for a library: it is a place that provides houses and books to its members. But in the age of digital information, e-books and the Internet, is there still a reason to go to the library? The answer is a resounding “yes.” Libraries are more than just a place to find books; they are an integral part of any community. They provide information, resources, and a connection to the world at large. Librarians are highly trained professionals who can advise students, job seekers and others on researching almost any topic imaginable.

Exploring Library in Smithtown after the move
Spend a peacful afternoon in Smithtown’s library

Harmony Vineyards

Harmony Vineyards offers you an incredible program in addition to a beautiful indoor and outdoor atmosphere. When you sit outside, take a moment to absorb the beauty of nature that surrounds you. All year round, in every season, from Thursday to Sunday you can enjoy live music. It will undoubtedly meet your taste. One of the best things about Harmony Vineyards, in harmony with nature and humanity, is that they donate all profits to the basket of worthy local charities focused on fighting hunger and education.

Saint Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church

Saint Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church in Smithtown is a beautiful church with handmade stained glass windows. One of the windows depicts Mother Teresa. It is a unique piece modeled after her. If you enjoy going to churches, there is one in Smithtown that is worth a visit. Not just once, but you can become a regular visitor. Exploring Smithtown after the move will surely make your time worthy!



We had our wonderful wonderful experience with these movers. Special thanks to our foreman, Josh, and everyone on the team who helped.

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