Top neighborhoods in NYC for artists

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Choosing an appropriate place for life in NYC can be tough. After all, there are hundreds of neighborhoods located throughout the five boroughs. In case you’re a person of a specific kind of profession, your search must be even more precise. Thus, finding the best neighborhoods in NYC for artists would be difficult if it wasn’t for us. With our help and the assistance of movers NYC, your relocation will be a true success. Be that as it may, artists should live in a community that values their work and personality. With this in mind, they should have the opportunity to find jobs easily, to express themselves and enjoy a variety of cultural events. Hence, NYC is your solution.

What are the best neighborhoods in NYC for artists?

First and foremost, choose reliable residential movers NYC when relocating to New York. Pay special attention to the protection of your valuables and works of art. Make sure to do your research beforehand. Find out what parts of NYC are most adequate for artists. Be prepared for everything. Thus, do your homework on time. With this in mind, we have prepared certain suggestions. Hopefully, some of them would suit you well.

  • Chelsea, Manhattan
  • Long Island City, Queens
  • Williamsburg, Brooklyn
  • Upper East Side, Manhattan
  • Clinton Hill, Brooklyn
  • Red Hook, Brooklyn
  • Navy Yard, Brooklyn
  • Sunset Park, Brooklyn
  • Crown Heights, Brooklyn

Each neighborhood from our list is special in its own way. Thus, observe their features thoroughly. Find out what suits you best. For instance, musicians will find Red Hook, Sunset Park, and Navy Yard the most suitable ones.


Find decent accommodation in both busy and quiet parts of the city. Surprisingly, the rent is quite reasonable. Furthermore, Chelsea is known for its School of Visual Arts and well-known colleges. Hence, artists will surely enjoy this part of Manhattan. A great park, shopping, and restaurants will surely attract everyone’s attention.

Long Island City

By all means, contact local movers Queens NY. This neighborhood is a true paradise for the artists. Enjoy loads of beautiful art studios and art galleries. Moreover, colorful murals decorate the streets of this interesting neighborhood. As for the furnished apartments, bear in mind it won’t be too easy to find one in Long Island City.

a woman is walking across the pier at the waterfront in Long Island City
One of the neighborhoods in NYC for artists that has a true spirit of art is definitely Long Island City.


When choosing the appropriate borough in NYC for artists, make sure not to miss Brooklyn and its Williamsburg. As a matter of fact, artists simply love it because of its affordability and peacefulness. Moreover, it’s a highly walkable area. Hence, no need to use public transportation frequently. Also, we must mention that a lot of art students live in Williamsburg.

a woman in front of murals on the wall
Art can be expressed in various ways in Williamsburg. Locals express their art through murals too.

Upper East Side

In case you’re looking for prestige, movers Upper East Side will move you to the right location. This part of Manhattan is the right place for you. Here you can easily find a furnished apartment and enjoy this beautiful neighborhood. Actually, most seasoned artists in the world find it desirable to reside here.

road and buildings in Upper east Side, one of the best neighborhoods in NYC for artists
One of the reasons people really love the Upper East Side is the existence of a variety of museums. Art is simply in each corner of the neighborhood.

Clinton Hill

Its main feature is definitely a unique art scene and culture. Clinton area offers African-American-based galleries, art shows, plays, and performances. Thus, a true paradise for the artists. Unlike Long Island City, you’ll have no trouble finding furnished apartments in the Clinton Hill area. No matter how long you plan to stick around in this area.

Red Hook

This part of Brooklyn is so quiet that enables enormous cultural creativity. One of the downsides could be the lack of a direct subway connection. Numerous art studios, exhibition and performance space, recording studios, a science lab can be found in Pioneer Works. Moreover, Kentler International Drawing Space is the perfect opportunity for under-recognized national and international artists.

Navy Yard

Though this neighborhood is mostly known for shipyards, warehouses, and industrial complexes, artists will enjoy this part of Brooklyn. For instance, BLDG92 has a visiting artist program. Those who like working on-site in different mediums can find their place here. Also, Marco Sea New Lab inspires innovations.

Sunset park

Let local movers NYC arrange the transport to an amazing Brooklyn neighborhood. As for artists, they can combine forces in Industry City, a 6-million square feet industrial complex. Lots of shows and exhibitions are held here frequently. After all, this neighborhood was an industrial giant in the past. However, things have changed. Therefore, these deserted buildings have become creative spaces and offices.

Crown Heights

Located in the heart of Brooklyn, Crown Heights is the perfect place for artists of all kinds. Therefore, make sure to move art, antiques, and valuables without damaging them. Embrace the spirit of Crown Heights. It really offers a variety of cultural activities. We have chosen just a few, but there are many more you can enjoy.

  • Video Revival – It works as a volunteer-operated theatre.
  • Five Myles – It serves as a performance and exhibition space.
  • Shoestring Press – An art space and a fine art print shop at the same time.
  • The Brooklyn Museum – Here is the opportunity to learn about the art movement.
  •  The Brooklyn Children’s Museum – This is a perfect place for the education of the kids.

Let NYC show the best of each neighborhood and borough

Altogether, there are extraordinary neighborhoods in NYC for artists. You just need to determine what suits you best. Bear in mind your artistic personality, aspirations, and needs. Of course, you must take into account the opportunities and costs of living in each part of NYC. Thus, begin with hiring professional movers. After all, you must ensure the safety of your valuables. Meanwhile, deal with other affairs. Still, don’t forget to go thoroughly through the internet to explore each neighborhood. Surely, you’ll find the best one. After all, New York is known as the cultural capital of the world.





We had our wonderful wonderful experience with these movers. Special thanks to our foreman, Josh, and everyone on the team who helped.

Eliza G. / 2021-08-14

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