How to Prepare for Relocating from Bushwick to Borough Park With Kids

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Even though relocating from Bushwick to Borough Park can be an exciting time, the transition can be a considerable challenge. Moving is stressful enough as it is. You need to choose the right Borough Park movers, purchase a new house, and find the right neighborhood. Adding kids into it can present even more challenges. Leaving your home for a new one, the thought of saying goodbye to friends, and being the ‘new kid’ can be too much for them. Also, the stress your kid may experience can make the relocation process as a parent even harder. But However, with the right approach, relocation doesn’t need to be a bad experience for your kids. Here are some tips that’ll help make the relocation process with kids a bit smoother.

Prepare in advance

The moment you’re considering relocation with the help of movers Brooklyn, let the kids know. Some people worry this is going to distress them unnecessarily. This danger is less compared to the danger of a kid not feeling included in decision-making. Talking to them about the reasons and process for the decision can build kids’ ability to make hard decisions, and teach them how to evaluate the pros and cons. When you make the decision, prepare them for the relocation process. You can do this with a printed timeline of when the current house will be put up for sale, when you’ll visit the new location, when you pack, where you’ll stay during the process when they’ll start new schools, and any other information you can add. If you don’t have a specific reason not to share details in advance (perhaps job confidentiality), tell them the why’s and wherefores.

Preparing for relocating to Borough Park With Kids
Make sure to start preparing in advance before relocating from Bushwick to Borough Park.

Have a “See you soon” party

Give your children the opportunity to celebrate with their close friends at home before relocating from Bushwick to Borough Park. However, it’s important to note that this isn’t a goodbye party. Instead, focus on the positives and promise your children that they’ll see their friends again soon. Make sure they have all of their friends’ contact information. These include phone numbers, social media connections, email addresses, and home addresses. Plan a follow-up trip after you settle in your new home to allow your child to see their friends again soon.

Make them feel included

Whether you have closed on your new home already or you’re looking for Clean Cut Moving Service NYC, now is the time to get your kids involved in the process. You can include your children in as many big decisions as you can. However, make sure they don’t feel pushed aside. These include:

  • Let your kids tag along on home tours.
  • Find out what’s on their must-have lists for a new home. A pool might not be in your price range, but take reasonable requests into account.
  • Take them on shopping trips to help pick items out for the new home. Younger kids may not have fun at the hardware store. But visiting a “fun” store with them might help get them excited about the relocation.
  • Let your children pick out their new furry friend if your move allows you to bring a new pet into the family.
  • Let them pick out their own bedroom and paint color. When you’re browsing homes together, this helps them visualize the space after the move.
Mom and daughter writing on a moving box
It’s a good idea to include your children in lots of big decisions related to the move.

Get them in the organizing process

Children usually love organizing projects. Letting them look for moving organization tips can be a good way to channel their energy related to the relocation. Being a part of the actual organizing of the relocation can make it easier for them. Some kids like to notebook with ideas or create a Pinterest board for you. Take their ideas seriously and use as many as possible. This is not a hardship, as they’ll probably find some good ideas!

Plan moving day

You have to make a decision about whether the children should be there when movers Bushwick arrive. There’s no right answer. It can be very anxiety-producing. However, it can also be helpful to see the house empty and realize that it’s just a shell and you’re taking your home with you. There has to be a plan, especially for younger children. They need not be made to feel in the way and underfoot. An off-site babysitter might be your best choice. With frequent progress check-ins such as photos for kids who are old enough for that. Plan what the kids are going to do if they stay. Can they make a checklist or maybe help with cleaning?

Girl Playing in a Box
Make sure to have a plan if your kids are going to be there on a moving day.

Help your kid feel stable after relocating from Bushwick to Borough Park

When things are fresh, new, and unknown, anything you can do to help your kids adjust to new surroundings is important. Something as simple as getting their room put together right away can help a lot with building a feeling of normalcy and home. Here are some extra tips that will help you make that sense of stability in a new location: Lots of teachers say it takes children up to six weeks to adjust to their new class at school completely. So it will likely take the same to adjust to your new house as well. However, bear in mind that some children might need more time than others, depending on their personality. Talk to your children frequently about how they are feeling, so you can be on top of any problem they are facing (this is very important with teens). Communication is key!



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