Creative ways to find moving help in Manhattan

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One of life’s more difficult moments is undoubtedly moving. Although it’s not a big deal if you overlook some little difficulties of moving, hiring movers with experience may be a wise decision to reduce the amount of stress. Movers will help the big day go more smoothly. One of the first steps is to hire one of the best movers NYC offers. Apart from hiring movers, there are other ways to find moving help. Since there are many things to consider when researching them, make sure to do it ahead of time. If you’re not sure how to look for reliable movers, Clean Cut Moving is here to help. Continue reading and discover some creative ways to find moving help in Manhattan.

Make sure to learn about Manhattan and its movers

If you are thinking about moving to NYC, make sure to learn about the place itself. Also, if you have some doubts, make sure that there are many reasons to relocate to Manhattan. It is a fact that people from all over the world fantasize about what it would be like to plunge into this melting pot of cultures. Although each of New York’s boroughs has many wonderful aspects, only Manhattan quite fits the description for ambitious, high-minded ideals. Each of the five boroughs that make up New York City is a separate county. Due to New York City’s size and diversity, its boroughs have very different cost of living ranges. In case you do thorough research on prices, you might be able to find a good and affordable solution. Also, hiring long distance movers from Manhattan can save you additional money.

a street in Manhattan
Manhattan might be expensive. However, making good decisions and choices will everything more affordable.

Bear in mind that Manhattan neighborhoods have a high cost of living

Manhattan has the highest average rent in the country, which is $4,200. Namely, it is more than three times the national average of $1,460. The average rent in New York City is $3,700. For instance, a one-bedroom apartment in Chinatown rents for an average of $4,500. When you compare it to the previous year, you will realize there has been a 33% increase. The average cost of a home in Manhattan is $920,000.

All types of workers in Manhattan are paid much more than the $62,000 national average. Namely, the average weekly wage in Upper East Side is around $3,200, or over $165,000 annually. The financial and technology industries offer the greatest salaries in NYC. Therefore, although the prices are high, living in Manhattan doesn’t have to be out of reach. The price shouldn’t be a problem when you decide to hire movers from Upper East Side. They are both affordable and reliable.

Make sure that your movers also have knowledge about Manhattan

When thinking about ways to find moving help in Manhattan, bear in mind that you must pick knowledgeable movers. Choosing a moving company that is well-known and experienced will help you have an easy and smooth relocation. Movers are usually supposed to know a lot about streets and routes. Since New York’s streets aren’t easy to navigate, make sure that your movers know the area very well. You’ll need drivers who are aware of all the routes to your new house. Moreover, they should know which roads to avoid at particular times of the day unless they want to be delayed in traffic for hours.

a woman thinking about the ways to find moving help in Manhattan
When thinking about ways to find moving help in Manhattan, make sure that your movers know Manhattan very well.

Ways to find moving help in Manhattan

The process of moving is usually time-consuming and challenging. However, the strategies you need to employ when looking for movers can be even more tricky. Namely, you’re going to need to hire help unless you happen to have some very kind and capable friends who can assist you in your relocation. Otherwise, you can experience unneeded stress, damaged property, or even injury. Hiring experienced experts to assist you is the greatest way to avoid these moving disasters and the stress that goes along with them. The following are ways to find moving help in Manhattan while moving to a new house.

  1. Rely on the ones you can trust
  2. Read the reviews
  3. Consider the moving costs
  4. A few more tips

1. Rely on the ones you can trust

The easiest way, and also the one that can save you most time, is to listen to the recommendation of others. However, that does not mean hiring any moving company. The person who advises you should be the one you can trust. It would be great if it was someone in your family, a close friend, or perhaps, a trustworthy colleague. Another thing you need to take into consideration is that the person who recommended a particular moving company hired them themselves. If they hired them and were more than satisfied with their services, that’s when you’ll know they are good. Also, there are many local movers in Manhattan that can relocate you quickly and easily. If more than one person recommends the same moving company, don’t hesitate to hire them.

Two women talking about creative ways to find moving help in Manhattan.
One of the ways to find moving help in Manhattan is to listen to others.

2. Read the reviews

Another way to find moving help in Manhattan is to rely on online reviews. It is the same as listening to the recommendations of others. The only difference is that it happens on the internet. These online evaluations will help you realize the advantages and disadvantages of each company’s moving services you’re thinking about hiring. Though sometimes netizens can be cruel and leave unjust reviews, most of the time, they’ll be objective and jot down things as they are. By reading these reviews, you’ll know everything there is to know about those movers. For instance, once you have realized that your potential movers from Chelsea are reliable and trustworthy, you can contact them. These Chelsea movers will meet all your requirements. Moreover, you’ll receive the best protection for your possessions.

3. Taking moving costs into consideration is one of the most clever ways to find moving help in Manhattan

It is a fact that moving to Manhattan will be both challenging and pricey. However, if you resolve to move to Manhattan, make sure to find relatively affordable places. For instance, Chinatown is a vibrant and active neighborhood. Because it is a lower Manhattan neighborhood with relatively modest housing costs, it can be a wonderful place to move to. If you’re not sure who to hire, there is another way to discover moving help in Manhattan and single out the right moving companies in Chinatown. What you have to pay attention to, in this case, is the moving cost. Sometimes you’ll come across a moving company that offers unusually cheap services. However, no matter how tempting this offer may be, you should reject it. Most of the time, those movers are scammers. Therefore, focus on another relocation company or research them thoroughly.

4. A few more imaginative ways to find moving help in Manhattan

If you’re not satisfied with the above-mentioned ways of finding movers in Manhattan, we have singled out a few more:

  • Do your own research¬†– if you don’t trust anyone but yourself, we urge you to investigate everything on your own.
  • Search for the companies that provide discounts.
  • Visit the licensed websites¬†– one of the best ways to find moving help in Manhattan is to visit sites such as the Better Business Bureau and make sure they are certified.
A person holding a mouse.
Doing your own research is one of the best ways to find moving help in Manhattan.

Final thoughts

Now that we’ve gone through all the creative ways to find moving help in Manhattan, you can choose the one that’s most suitable for you. There are many advantages and disadvantages of residing in Manhattan. Moving there can also be tricky and time-consuming. If you favor choosing the full-service option, make sure to check some of Manhattan’s renowned and trustworthy movers. You can be sure that your move will be in good hands because every moving company in Clean Cut Moving’s network is licensed and insured. Success and happy relocation will be guaranteed! We wish you the easiest relocation ever!



We had our wonderful wonderful experience with these movers. Special thanks to our foreman, Josh, and everyone on the team who helped.

Eliza G. / 2021-08-14

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